CRM: closed loop approach for more success

Using a CRM system without integration to other systems  is only half the way. It  could only be a starting point for every CRM strategy, a fast approach to better customer relationships. But, if you want to understand your customers and build an impressive, long lasting customer experience, you need a complete profile of your customers – so called 360 degree view.  And, to achieve that, you have to integrate other systems and catch important data from these systems and KPIs from ERP systems like MS Navision, Infor, GS Office and Sage Office Line. By integrating external systems, you create a closed loop of customer relevant data, improve your CRM profitability and finally be more successful.

Ok, building interfaces between different systems could be an exhausting task, increase project risks and budgets requirements. To avoid  that, you should focus on preconfigured interfaces. They are fast to implement, deliver a base of relevant customer data to Sage CRM and are easy to extend if your requirements will grow.

If you want to be more successful, you have to follow a ‚CRM: Closed Loop‚ approach: collect customer relevant data throughout the whole customer lifecycle process and integrate them to complete customer profile. You will better understand your customers and therefore, your CRM activities will hit your customers expectations.

Better decisions will help you to grow your business and your success.

Interface Sage CRM – MS Navision

Interface Sage CRM – Sage GS Office


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